VGA Cable Print
Monday, 03 June 2013 17:35

A VGA cable is a lead used for transmitting video signals, and it is most commonly used to link computers with monitors. Some high definition televisions use this type of cable as well. VGA stands for video graphics array, and it was a graphics standard used by IBM in its early PCs sold in the 1980s.

In addition to computers, VGA cables can be used with some games consoles, allowing them to be used with a computer monitor, which may offer a better quality picture than older cathode ray televisions, particularly for games that have fine detail or small text.

Some high definition television sets have a VGA input, and there is a great debate about whether an analog signal carried by a video cable can offer picture quality as good as the digital signal carried through methods such as HDMI.

The relatively low price of a VGA cable means this option may be worth trying out before people decide to switch the screen or input device to models that carry digital signals.